Asphalt Repair and Maintenance Vehicle with 8-12 tones capacity
- ATLAS COPCO XAS 47 DD Screw Air Compressor (including gun and 3 nails)
- Asphalt Grout-Cutting Machine
- Heated asphalt grouting machine with tank (150/200 bitumen),
- Heated asphalt grouting machine with equipment
- Single-bandaged, vibrating, with reciprocating cylinder,
- (Asphalt + aggregate) mix with V section, double-walled, with emulsion tank and pumping system
- Hydraulic control unit,
- Spiral drive system,
- Hot oil heater, burner, inverter,
- 2 hydraulic lifts,
- Portable asphalt sandblasting equipment,
- Flame spraying equipment,
- Portable hydraulic end-mill cutter,
- 2 double-wound hydraulic and pneumatic snatch blocks (lifting equipment),
- Electric heater,
- Air spraying equipment,
- Emulsion tank,
- Emulsion spraying gun,
- Rock wool insulation,
- Compressor ground,
- Shutter system board and in working condition