Combi Jetting and Vacuum truck is used for removing sand, stones, bottles, cans, grease, sludge and other debris from sanitary sewer and/or drain lines by the flushing action of high pressure water. The unit includes a positive displacement vacuum pump and a high pressure water pump. Combination jet/vac machine is equipped with self-contained water supply as the water source for the high-pressure pump and a cylindrical debris tank for collecting all materials coming from the sewer system . Combination unit is able to perform simultaneous high pressure flushing of sewer pipe and removal of liquids and solids from the sewer manhole.

Technical Specifications

Tank Volume

3.000 - 20.000 liters

Suction Boom System (Optional)

180°-360° rotating (3”-6”)

Vacuum Capacity

300 – 10.950 m³/h

Capacity of High Pressure Water Pump

153 – 600 lt/m @130 – 500 bars

Main Hose Reel

90 – 180° rotating, 80-180 meters

Jeeting Hose Reel

Ø ½”, With jetgun, 20-120 meters

Other Options

Septic Cover Lifting Winch

Remote Control System