Garbage trucks have been developed according to the requirements of modern urbanization. These truck are manufactured with the aim of increasing the garbage being transported per round, decrease garbage transportation time to the least possible time ans provide flexibility for the operators. Within the modern designs available there are models equipped with brackets that lighten the weight of the structure and decrease the ratio of vehicle weight to gathered garbage. Vehicles with variable capacities and variable container lifting systems are also manufactured, as well as with different types and capacities can be manufactured depending on the vehicle technical specifications and areas of use.



Technical Specifications



Type of vehicle

Plate type compactor truck

Total Length

7900 mm

Total Width

2490 mm

Total Height

2900 mm

Wheel base

4300 mm

Compactor model

Crush and compression type.

Compactor      control type

Hydraulic,        mechanical     lever            control, non-electrical type.

Waste discharge

Horizontal ejection plate type.

Body volume

9 m3

Hopper volume

1.0 m3 (Wastes can be thrown into the hopper not only by mechanically but also by hand).

Material           and thickness of top and

side plate

High-tension   steel    plate  3.0 mm

Material           and

thickness of bottom plate

High-tension   steel    plate 5.0 mm

Material           and

thickness of hopper plate

High-tension   steel    plate 6.0 mm

Sewage tank

100 liter

Hydraulic System