• Hook lift Case volume: 5 m3-25m3
  • Container lock system providing carriage security in the event of carriage
  • Secure side barriers
  • Telescopic boom movement security system
  • Load holding valve on pistons in the event of hose tear
  • Booms made of high resistant iron sheet





1.Tipping Angle                                                                   : 45º

2. Max Lifting Capacity (includes container)                  : 15.000 kg - 35.000 kg

3.Hooklift Weight (tolerance+-%3)                                   : 1.500 - 4.000 kg

4.Hydraulic Cylinder                                                           : 80 lt

5.Max. Pressure                                                                   : 300 bar

6.Hooklift Cylinders                                                            : St-52 cold drawn

7.Middle Sliding Cylinders                                                : St-52 cold drawn

8.Back Drum Cylinder                                                        : St-52 cold drawn

9. Lenght of 5500 mm – 6750 mm containers, skips, can be lifted onto the body with hydraulically controlled components.


10. Main Chassis

Made of 100*200*6 mm box profile, 6200mm lenght. There will be 10*80mm support plates on the chassis. Also, 8*150mm support plates under the chassis.


11. Middle Section

Hook hight is approx.1570mm  which are appropriate for DIN standarts. Middle side is sliding type.

-          Hook’s body is made of 200*200*8mm box profile.

-          Hook’s main body’s support and wear plates are made of 450 brinel sheet steel.

-          Hook’s upper body is thickness of 12mm ST52 quality.

-          Hook’s upper body’s support and wear plates are made of 450 brinel sheet steel.

-          Hook’s catch is made of  60mm ST44 quality.



12. Main shaft and bronze bearings

 Main shaft is 100mm 1040 steel.

 Bronze bearings are SAE 1010 steel (outside), SAE 792 bronze (inside)


13. Hydraulic System

Command Control                     

Hydraulic Hoses                       

Limit Control Valve                   

Twin Safety Valve                    

Suction Filter                           

Return Filter                          

Pressure Indicator                      



14. Pneumatic System

Pneumatic Kit

¼” conditioner

Compact (quick plug) serial fasteners

Polyurathane Hoses


15. Electric System

(24 V) coil series

(24 V) safety fuses

6 button Special Crane Control