The micromesh filter consists of a cartridge filter that is mounted in the front part of the collecting tank. The filter elements are cartridge filters. During the tipping process, the filters are mechanically protected against lateral forces. The residual dust content amounts to <10 mg/m³ and is therefore within statutory provisions. Automatic cleaning is carried out with compressed air. To this end, the filters are exposed to short blasts of compressed air on the dust-free side. The adherent filter cake falls off downwards and is disposed of during the tipping process. The filter can be removed in two blocks from the container.



Air conveyance and separation system guarantees the highest level of gravity separation, the lowest filter load and as a result constantly high suction capacities. All essential particles are separated in the collecting chamber due to the air slowing down and swirling. Smaller particles (sands) are eliminated from the stream of air in the downstream separation chamber. Residual dusts that reach the filter are dried strongly. This enables the micromesh filters to be cleaned effectively. During tipping, the separation chamber and micromesh filters are also emptied along with the central collecting chamber.



Telescopic type (formed by two elongated tubes that extend and collect one inside another with an extension, which allows to place the suction hose in the necessary position before the start of work, especially in areas of difficult access. With lifting capacity of 340 Kg. With a swivel range of 180°, the joint hose carrier was especially adapted to the site conditions. This allows the machine also to work safely where space is limited.



It makes it possible to work from the optimum location. All movements of the boom, the emptying functions, suction mode, separate compressor mode, filter cleaning as well as traction motor start/stop can be controlled using it. The hose carriers are moved proportionally by deflecting the joy-sticks and therefore moved more delicately. A battery charger with replacement battery is installed in the cabin. Delivery also includes a second, identically designed transmitter as a replacement.



Thanks to the silence kit, noise nuisance is noticeably reduced. The kit contains the sound absorption on the underside of the container as well as the insulation of the side walls behind the container trim. Furthermore, there is an optimised sound absorbing unit for the fan housing. It is equipped with 50% stronger sound absorbing material than in the standard version and is closed and insulated completely at the bottom. The noise prevention package is only possible in conjunction with option container side trim.

6- FAN

Centrifugal compressor of two stages, for heavy duty, designed to suck water, mud, Stones, dust and solids up to 6 "in diameter, at a minimum depth of 10 meters. With a capacity of 3,600 cubic feet per minute to 200" of vacuum water column (14.7" Hg). Able to generate up to 17.000 m³/h of free air flow. The frame and fan blades of the centrifugal compressor pump are made of carbon steel. This system is driven by the truck engine PTO.



High Pressure Jetting pump is installed as standard in every machine, capacity of 153 lpm@130 bar. Used for watering & washing the ground to have easier suction and earth moving. Suction boom has special nozzles on the sucker pipe, automatically spreys from remote control.



The compressor is installed as standard in every machine, however, because it is not needed during the suction process, the compressed air supply is demand-controlled. Depending on requirements, compressor output of 3.0 - 4.5 m³/min is available. When designing your machine, the hydraulic system is designed completely individually for suction tasks depending on requirements.



With four container sizes altogether and the option to fit these with stainless steel wear plates. The container size 8 m³ is developed especially for four-axle vehicles, provides more loading volume and therefore the ability to work more effectively, used for suction work in excavation projects.



The different holders for nozzle or hose extensions make safe transport possible. Fitting it to the vehicle rear end guarantees easy handling. The holders are delivered galvanized.