Mobi partition wall provides an option for end user to arrange section capacities in its tanker. For different requirements, mobil partititon wall can move, re-locate and lock to its new location.  



The swivel joints are designed to be installed in correspondence of swivel components for cleaning operations using high pressure water. The swivel joint is designed to drive the swivel accessories (e.g. hose reels) when winding and unwinding the hose. The swivel joints are available in various sizes and various inlet and outlet diameters, which obviously entail different flow rate values.
The swivel joints are available in four versions:
- Swivel joint ½” – ½”, code 14843 003 00;
- Swivel joint 1” – ¾”, code 14843 004 00;
- Swivel joint 1” – 1”, code 14843 002 00;
- Swivel joint 1”¼ – 1”¼, code 14843 000 00;

The swivel joint essentially consists of a central body and two side flanges (made of Cast-iron G25) and a hollow rotary axis (made of Steel C40), through which the pressurised water flows. The tightness of the swivel joint is ensured by
two internal NBR seals.