On combined unit for filtration, recovering and recycling of dirty waters. Recycling units can operate continuously for a long time, without any water supply, and clean sewer lines with reduced water flow. The system they are equipped with, allows them to mass the sludge and transport solid material containing small percentages of water. The system is self cleaning. The equipment can work anytime and automatically also as a standard VAC JET.


Any piece of our equipment, regardless of its operation, can be assembled to vehicles of any size and on any type of chassis. It can also be equipped with an electronic process control and, in the event of special environmental or work conditions, insulated or soundproof casing can also be installed to protect operating components. As for the tanks, various types of stainless steel or special self-passivating mild steel are used.

AXLES  - The equipment can be installed onto 2 to 5-axle vehicles.

EXTRA CHASSIS - off-road four-wheel drive trucks for railway track use articulated semitrailers roll-on/roll-off frame units

ELECTRONIC SYSTEM - Tronic Automated system to control the equipment from the on-board computer. Reduces fuel consumption by over 50% and limits polluting emissions (exhaust gas, noise, lubricants). Constantly monitors the machine status, optimising its operation and minimising maintenance operations on the equipment and the vehicle. Remote controls - Electronic system to remotely control the equipment using an industrial remote control with ergonomic transmitter or with pouch. It can be integrated in a video system with rear camera and a monitor in the cab.

SILENCED HOUSING - Soundproof cell inside of which are installed the pump unit and the auxiliary engine to debate noise emission. Suitable for equipment used in urban environments predominantly during night-time.

THERMAL PROTECTION - Casing system for pumps, auxiliary engine and tank, in order to prevent alterations, wear and damage caused by particularly cold climates. The operation of the machine can be also ensured by a heating system for the water circulating inside the pump and jetting system.

DUST COLLECTION - By providing the equipment with high performance vacuum blower, filter packs, powerful jetting system and a suitable tank, every vehicle can remove and transport any type of dust (either hazardous or not).