Introduction      : Hydrolift/Skip Loaders are designed to lift the containers made according to DIN 30720 on their platform mounted on the chassis truck and transport, dumps the containers to discharge its content. Design is made according to DIN 30723.


Equipment consists of:

  • Platform
  • Loading Arms
  • Supporting Legs
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic System

Platfom          : A sub frame with cross members is made to fit the chassis truck. Specially formed side members enclosed the platform the landing legs at the rear end are connected to side members. Platform is made from chequered steel. There are side and front stoppers centering the container.

Operating times:


           40 sec


           45 sec


           35 sec


Lifting Arms            : There are two robust lifting arms to lift the containers on the platform and to tilt them to discharge. Lifting arms are connected to each other on top to synchronize movement.  There is lubricated bronze bushing at rotating joints. There are chains on the lifting arms to lift the containers. Specially formed hooks made according to DIN 30372 are used to lift the containers.  There is a pneumatically actuated hook to hold the containers during tipping.

Supporting Legs         : There is tow landing legs at the rear of the equipment to provide the stability during the container lifting. Legs are controlled independently and functioned hydraulically.


Hydraulic System       : Hydraulic gear pump is connected to PTO which is controlled pneumatically from the cab.