Main chassis, derrick boom, bending boom and outriggers shall be manufacured from ST 52-3 steel sheets. 

Lifting Capacity

1- Rotating tower crane capable of lifting upto 40 tons.

2- There shall be, 2 units of hydraulic spool with the crane boom.

3- Hydraulic boom can reach up to 10 meters (horizontal distance)

Pump Capacity                       : 60-120 cm³ / rev

Working Pressure                 : 240 Bar

Oil Tank Capacity                  : 125-250 lt

Rotation Angle                       : 270º-360º

Rotating System

270º single-acting rack system is used. There shall be a rack valve for locking system, used as a safety device.


System Boom

Castermid booms shall be used to reduce wear and friction. The system consist of a derrick boom, a main boom, a bending boom, four units of hydraulic extension booms and two units of mechanical booms. The booms shall be manufactured from Domex 700 quality steel sheets or equivalent. Telescobic booms shall be  manufactured hexagonal shaped. Booms are acted by separate working 4 units of cylinders. The cylinders have twin locking system and safety valves. System controlled with wireless remote controller.



Equipment is mounted to an auxiliary chassis, according to the regulations of truck chassis’ manufacturer. 


Hydraulic Outriggers

There shall be 2 or 4 units outriggers, under the main chassis which can be opened sides. These outriggers are designed to avoid the possible loads which can damage the truck’s chassis. Shall be manufactured by torsion resistant high strenght. There shall be locking valves on the outriggers which prevents the cylinders under heavy load.


Hydraulic System

Double-acting hydraulic cylinders will be made from honed, high-strength material. (ST 52-3 quality) Rods shall be made from precision-machined, hard chrome-plated, high-strength material. (Q-1040 quality). Pressure valves, twin locking valves and overload valves will be used as a safety devices, in order to protect operators. (for the hose explosions and long time operations.) The hydraulic pump will be provide 240 bars, with  the truck’s regular engine rpm. There shall be suction and return filters for cleaning the system, in order to provide healthy and long life usage. Hydraulic pipes, will be made of cold drawn seamless steel pipes, covered with phosphate. Hydraulic hoses are used in R2 standarts. There shall be a cooling system for hydraulic oil tank, to provide the system under high temperatures.


Hydraulic pump                        : PZB - OMFB (Italian)

Crane Control                           : Walwoil - Galtech (Italian)

Foot control                              : Walwoil - Galtech (Italian)

Valves                                        : Oilcomp - Oleostor - Oleodinmica (Italian)

R 2-A-Hose                               : Manuli (Italian)

Return Filter                             : Filtrec - OMT (italian)

Oil cooler                                  : lbs - OMT (italian)

Suction filter                             : EMS (Local)


Other Specifications

-      Bronze bearings are used in all parts of the hinge knuckles on the crane and passed through heat treatment.

-       There shall be a toolbox on the suitable place of the equipment.

-       There shall be a safety latch hook at the end of the boom, which is capable of removing. 

-       Hydraulic pump will be mounted directly to the trucks' PTO, without any transfer mechanism.

-       Rear View Camera

-       Winter Tires



Toolkit, 20 ton jack, a wheel nut spanner, a hand grease pump, a socket wrench kit, screw drivers, additional tools for the engine, clutch, and transmission repair, eg. piston ring squeezers, gear/bearing pullers


Outside of the equipment is painted with two layers primer and two finish layers of protective paint for the maximum endurance against enviromental difficulties. (Outside color can be chosen by the end user)


Body length will be made ​​in accordance with the chassis’ lenght. The bottom of the frame will be made of  4 mm thickness of diamond steel sheets. There shall be doors with locking devices, 2 units on sides, 1 is on the rear.