The production of emergency and human rescue vehicles (ambulance) is designed according to modern equipment requirements. The ambulance is designed according to the vehicle to be built in, the devices inside and the number of personnel required. Lighting is arranged according to patient transport or emergency care. Required power units are planned according to the power requirement of all devices that are kept ready for use.
Technical Details
Lightbars at vehicle roof and warning lights
Projectors for rear area lighting
Siren, controllable by the driver, with multimode functions
Antibacterial, washable, nonslip floor coating
Noise and heat isolation with support metal sheets
Functional cupboard system made of MDF material at left side
Squad bench for attendants
Equipment locker with drawers
I.V. holders and handles for staff at ceiling
Fluorescent and spotlights of internal lighting system
Manual electrical command panel, safety circuit breaker
Inverter, rectifier and second battery system
Water type heater
Internal communication system