AKIN work platforms are best for quick and simple use at all heights. Whether you plan to drive and use these platforms yourself  or use experienced operators, we have the right equipment for you. As articulating boom lifts have a large dead weight, they do not require support jibs and therefore offer total mobility. The joint construction of the boom enables projecting edges to be negotiated with ease. Articulating boom lifts with a lower dead weight and electric drive or truck mounted versions are available. Our large and diverse vehicle fleet gives you all the freedom you need. 


Technical Details  
Working Height   12 - 22 m
Lateral Progress (side opening to)   5 m - 10 m
Tower Rotating Angle   360 degrees
System Drive   Hydraulic from chassis' PTO
Operation   Manuel and proportional (optional)
Basket Capacity   200 kg
Standart Basket Isolation   1000 V