Asphalt distributors are built for efficient and accurate heating, hauling, storage and spray application of AC, asphalt cement and emulsions. Ideal for applying bitumen and emulsions to roadways, parking lots and base stabilization projects of all sizes. Their highly efficient design makes for affordable operation, while providing precision spraying of bitumen, emulsion and tack coating materials. 


Technical Details  
Capacity   10.000-16.0000 Liters
Isolating Sheet   Aluminum Sheet 1mm
Isolating Material   Stone Wool 50mm
Power   Chassis Own PTO
Controls   Hydrostatic, Digital Controls
Pump Type   3” VA Type (60 m3/h)
Spray Bar Span   2,400 – 3,600 mm
Spreading Lane Width   600 mm, 6 Groups of Pneumatics
Spray Bar Drive   Pneumatic – Electric On-Off
Valve Controls   Pneumatic-Electric
Heating System   Two Burners (min 190kw, max 310kw)