AKIN CPT Truck is a vehicle suitable for soil investigations in pushing capacities from 140 to 200 kN or even more. AKIN has the experience in manufacturing CPT Trucks based on many different trucks and models. The all-wheel drive 6x6 model has proven most popular among customers. The frame of the truck is reinforced with a subframe to take the forces occurring during the Cone Penetration Tests. The truck’s total weight is sufficient to provide the maximum pushing force. The 200 kN penetrometer is installed in the CPT Truck. The hydraulic upper clamp is an efficient addition to the functionality of the 200 kN penetrometer . The penetrometer is operated via the touch screen (HMI).


Technical Details  
Pushing Force   Nominal 200 kN
Pulling Force   Nominal 260 kN
Force Limitation   By pressure safety valves
Speed During Pushing   2,0 - 7,6 cm/s
Speed During Pulling   1,6 - 6,2 cm/s
Stroke CPT Rig   1.250 mm
Cylinder Bore   Ø120 mm
Diameter Piston Rod   90 mm