According to ADR-EN 13094 legislation, geographical region to be served by the climate and road conditions, carbon steel and alloyed aluminium materials, in accordance with design calculations, cylindrical section, large volume range, filling up from the top and bottom, appropriate to the LGBF tank code and hierarchy, can carry up from one to five partition of the dangerous substances in ADR Class-3, Truck-mounted Cylindrical Tanker capable of evacuation to the flow and discharged; perfect fit with the truck manufacturer's superstructure instructions and truck chassis in different configurations.


Technical Details  
Tank Capacity   up to 26.000 lt 
Pump Type   Centrifuge Fuel Pump
Pump Capacity   up to 1.000 lt/min
Pump Drive   PTO or Hydraulic
Auxiliary Hose Reel   Manual or hydraulic , up to 60m hose
Operation   Control panel, touchscreen