Garbage (Trash) Transfer Semi Trailer, manufactured for the purpose of transporting the wastes to the final storage areas, can carry 5-10 pieces of garbage trucks according to their volume. With top loading trash transfer, the loading process takes place at the top of the door and can perform compression and unloading operations with the discharge flap contained in it. Unloading can be done by Telescopic Cylinder or by double acting single stage cylinder and sorting system. With rear trash transfer, behind the equipment is a standard garbage-like rear cover and a body in which the waste is stored. The unloading system is the same as the top loading garbage truck. It is used in areas where the transfer station can not be installed and for the purpose of collecting bulk waste. With moving base / sliding floor trash transfer semi trailer, is loaded from the top, the selected base system according to the type of waste transported (Garbage, Organic, Chip and Dried Sludge etc.) is designed with back cover and top cover design according to customer needs. Moving Base selection is the most important issue for these transfer equipment. The systems selected from the different models with the characteristic of the wastage can be adapted to many installed factories according to loading and unloading place. Sliding Base is long-lasting because solid wastes that are filled from the top are not subjected to any compression process. The carrying capacity of the equipment can be increased to 50 m³ to 72 m³ depending on the density of the waste.


Technical Details  
Body Volume   up to 72 m³
Floor   4-6 mm, optionally HARDOX
Sides   3-4 mm, optionally, DOMEX
Upper   3-4 mm
Containers   120lt - 240lt - 1100lt as per DIN Standards
Accessories   Rear Camera
Waste Ejection   Split Body
Compaction Plate   4 mm, optionally HARDOX