They are solutions developed in accordance with the needs of modern urbanism. The main goal of production is to increase the amount of garbage carried per circle, to reduce the collection period and to provide flexibility to its operators. Modern designs that lighten the vehicle structure and contain support that reduces vehicle weight / collected garbage weight ratio. They can be facilitaded with container lifting system in various capacities and standards. Different types of production according to vehicle specifications and purpose of use is possible. They are know under names as garbage trucks, hydraulic compaction garbage truck, garbage collection vehicle.


Technical Details  
Body Capacity   up to 24 m³
Hopper Volume   up to 2,5 m³
Compression   1:3 / 1:6
Hydraulic Pump Drive   PTO or Electric
Containers   120lt - 240lt - 1100lt as per DIN Standards
Accessories   Rear Camera
Optional   Split Body
    Container Lifting for Underground Containers
    Top Loading