Excavation with an excavator in underground malfunctions occurring in the regions causes serious damage. In addition, electricity, water, natural gas or telephone in the main lines must be cut, which causes the people in this region to suffer. With an Industrial Vacuum Excavator, non-destructive excavation method is applied with high vacuum flow rate without the need for manual excavation. In this way, renovation costs will be minimized, and there will be no loss of energy, internet and telephone services since main lines are not required to be cut. In addition, thanks to the AKN-JDA's sequential filtering system, it protects the vehicle and the environment against all kinds of materials, without the operator having to select a dry or wet suction mode. Designed and built according to the workplace's structure, mounted on 2 axle, 3 axle and 4 axle trucks with different container and fan capacities. 


Technical Details  
Container Volume   6 m³ or 8 m³ 
Fan   Twin up to 28.000 m³/h free air
Air Compressor   4.5m³/min, 8bar
Filtration   Automatic self cleaning
Suction Boom   8" Arm boom
FAN Drive   Hydraulic or PTO
Operation   Control panel, automation, radio remote control, touchscreen
Sound Isolating   Optional - isolated fan cabin
Dumping System   Side or rear dumping
Outrigger   2 units (rear), 2 units (front-optional)
Hp Water System   Optional - for watering requirements
Radial Boom Digger   Optional