We produce LPG Tanker Semi Trailer in cylindrical and gooseneck cross sections suitable for transportation of all UN-Codes LPG substances in accordance with ADR Class-2, gravity and pump-driven discharge with pressure vessel steel quality and thickness determined according to different pressure and temperature calculations as well as to our customers' technical requirements in accordance to ADR, EN 12493, 2010/35 / EC (TPED), AD 2000 Markblatter regulations and geographical region, climate and road conditions it serves.


Technical Details  
Capacity   up to 60 m³
Tank Code   P18BN | P21BN
Design Pressure   18 bar | 21 bar
Construction Material Serial   Pressure Vessel Steel
Transported Materials   LPG, Propan, Butan
Certification   ADR, EN 12493, 2010/35/AT (TPED), AD 2000
Brakes   Wabco
Axles   BPW