We can custom manufacture and install a high pressure jetting unit in most standard size service vans. Taking into account vehicle weight capacity limitations and interior space, we work with the van manufacturers to find the best balance of equipment performance, weight and water capacity while maintaining sufficient space for tool and inventory storage. All of our high pressure units can be installed in service vans provided space and weight capacity is sufficient. Service vans are very popular in colder climates where insulation and heating are necessary to keep the unit from freezing. In addition to keeping the unit warm and functioning, the van also provides extra security for the unit and is a great opportunity for large impact advertising.


Technical Details  
Tank Structure   up to 2.500 lt 
Jetting Pump   up to 200 bars, 200 lpm
Pump Drive   Auxiliary Engine
Hydraulic Hose Reel   Fixed or Rotating, with speed adjutment, up to 120m hose
Auxiliary Hose Reel   Manual or hydraulic , up to 60m hose
Operation   Control panel, radio remote control, touchscreen