Equipment for emergency service, assistance, maintenance and repair of: earth moving machines, working site vehicles, agricultural machines, vehicles in general, fixed installations, mechanical equipment. They can be installed on: Heavy vehicles used by construction companies in big foreign working sites, where the logistical conditions require a certain functional independence to ensure a prompt intervention for maintenance and repair of the operating machines, light vans easy to handle in case of emergency, polyvalent, and multifunctional, able to resolve and satisfy the requirements of vehicles dealers; municipal companies in charge of the distribution of gas, water, electricity; public and ministerial departments; and single users. All equipment are defined in close collaboration with the end user in view of his specific requirements, and could be homologated for road circulation.


Main Components and Machines  
Generator    Main mechanic tools
Air Compressor    First Aid Kits
Welding Kit    Greasing tools
Drill    Connectors
Wise    Litfing Winch
Cabinets    Automatic Shutters
Hand Tools    Cable Reels