High pressure sewer jetting truck works by flushing and thrusting actions of high pressurized water which is transmitted to the clogged sewer line with a high pressure water hose and a sewer jetting nozzle. Designed and built according to the city’s structure, sewer canals’ diameters, sludge’s character and mounted on 2 axle, 3 axle and 4 axle trucks with different tank and pump capacities.

Technical Details  
Tank Structure   up to 20.000 lt 
Jetting Pump   up to 400 bars, 400 lpm
Pump Drive   PTO or Hydraulic
Hydraulic Hose Reel   Fixed or Rotating, with speed adjutment, up to 120m hose
Auxiliary Hose Reel   Manual or hydraulic , up to 60m hose
Operation   Control panel, automation, radio remote control, touchscreen